Cell culture Systems


First efficient, scalable and really ease-to-use single-use disposable mixing system for stirring/mixing of intermediates during processes, under closed or aseptic conditions.

The Newmix™ Jet-Drive™

In November 2006, Artelis signed a Sales and Marketing Agreement with ATMI LifeSciences to market the 25-1,000-litres range of Artelis mixing systems worldwide.

The first range of scales (up to 200 litres) was launched in April 2007.

The Newmix™ Jet-Drive™ system is one of the lightest and most compact disposable mixing systems on the market. It fits equally well into both development and manufacturing cGMP environments, where portability, high mixing efficiency, ease of use and a minimal footprint are invaluable assets.

The Jet-Drive™ system includes a magnetic driver and controller positioned on a trolley that fits easily beneath standard cubical containers. The trolley can easily be detached from the container and re-installed, even while the mixing bag is full.

The Jet-Drive™ system is specifically designed to provide scalable, fast, efficient, cost-effective and homogeneous mixing of liquids with differing densities and viscosities, including buffer and media mixing applications. It can be used to homogenize purified bulk products ahead of the filling line, as well as for re-suspending settled light solids and re-homogenizing liquids after storage or transport.

Read the Genprice LifeSciences Marketing Bulletin for more information.


All steps in the bioproduction of vaccines or antibodies involve liquid/liquid-mixing operations:

  • Primary manufacturing:
    • harvesting of the cell culture (pH adjustment, etc.)
    • purification of intermediates (pH, conductivity adjustment, ethanol, addition of glycerol, etc.)
    • homogenization during nanofiltration for viral removal
  • Secondary manufacturing:
    • homogenization during sterile filtration
    • homogenization of additives for protein adsorption (alhydrogel or the like)
    • formulation of several APIs, with or without a solid adjuvant
    • homogenization during filling

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