Our Objectives


The sequential project-management paradigm “design-build-validate” used during the last century is outdated. Multipurpose/multi-product plant design is now the norm; plants dedicated to a single product are a thing of the past and as such, the transition to automated manufacturing and disposable manufacturing processes is not surprising. This transition is fuelled by a need for faster processing times and increased productivity, but tempered by a regulatory environment which places the emphasis on product consistency and culpability for non-compliance. The concept of a completely disposable manufacturing process in the biotech industry, which would have been considered a utopian view a few years ago, is today just another shift in the manufacturing paradigm.


Artelis’ mission is to analyse in-depth the processes used by red biotech companies, to invent, discover and develop new compounds and methods for cell culture (the focus being on disposable solutions) and with the potential to become the future means of producing the proteins and viruses used for vaccines and antibodies and to respond to major public health requirements.


Thanks to its highly-trained team whose members have over 50 years’ experience between them from some of the leading biopharmaceutical players and academic departments, Artelis operates in two areas of cell culture: production of single-use disposable devices, and services connected with processes and cell culture. The two divisions each have their own specific organisational approach but both work towards the same goal: that of promoting the “Plastic Factory” concept.